Wednesday, January 7, 2009

White [post] Christmas!

After Christmas break, Seattle welcomed me back wonderfully with snow!  There was a couple inches on the ground when I flew in.  The whole campus was white for a day!  I wish I had taken some pictures of the snow to post on here but I didn't.  By the time I got back to my dorm on Sunday night it was late and then once I was done with classes on Monday, the snow was nearly gone.   
Classes this quarter are a little tougher than last quarter but they aren't too bad.  I have Spanish, Texts & Contexts, Public Speaking, and Career & Major Exploration.  I am also working more this quarter so I'm staying busy.  
It is nice to be back and see all my college friends.  Break went by a little fast but o well, I like it here!  And I'll be back home again in just five months.  

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