Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The end of Winter Quarter quickly approaches and I couldn't be happier about that fact.  After Winter Quarter comes the beauty of Spring Quarter with spring break in between.  Then after my first Seattle spring I can enjoy a San Diego summer.  Tomorrow I register for my next classes, hopefully I can get the ones I want/need.  Today I gave a very persuasive speech on why students should use  It can be a good resource for college students who want to avoid classes with bad professors, like professors who are not helpful, do not teach well, or any number of things.  There is a website for high school teachers as well but there is not as much flexibility in choosing classes in high school, especially not in small private Christian high schools like I attended.  And of course, there is no flexibility in choosing teachers if you are homeschooled but in that case hopefully you like your teacher because you'll have more problems then not enjoying class if you don't.   

Monday, February 9, 2009

SAM I am

Last Thursday I had the oppurtunity to join some of my classmates from my Texts and Contexts I class and one of my professor and go to the SAM, Seattle Art Museum.  It was optional to go but I thought it was worth going because it was "Free First Thursday."  There was a wide variety of art and it was very interesting.  We especially looked at the Greek artifacts and art because we are studying Greek and Roman literature in class.  There was a special exhibit of work by Edward Hopper who did the famous "Nighthawks" painting although that particular painting was not on display.  ( Hopper was actually a little creepy if you ask me.  He would sit in cafes and wait for people to come so he could watch them.  The main subject of his paintings was always young women.  I guess that does not automatically make him strange but after seeing the exhibit you might (or not) agree too.  One of my favorite things I saw was an acrylic entitled "Double Elvis" by Andy Warhol.  I did my final project in art class senior year on Warhol and it was great to see some of his work in real life.  All in all, it was a morning well spent at the SAM.