Friday, October 2, 2009

Back at it...

I'm pleased to report that I've finally returned to Seattle and all it's rainy glory. School started this week and so far classes are going great! I am taking Christian Formation, Beginning Figure, Intro to the Fashion Industry, and Composición y Conversación. The titles are fairly self-explanatory. In Christian Formation we are not only exploring Christianity's roots but also our own personal convictions and spiritual journeys.
Beginning Figure is going to be challenging but no doubt rewarding. It's a night class and sometimes it can be difficult to draw for two hours but I know from my drawing class last year that I'll get used to it. Understanding the human body will definitely be useful in upcoming Fashion Illustration, draping, and pattern making classes. And just because you're probably wondering; no, we do not have naked models. All our models are clothed as per Seattle Pacific policy. So far, that is one of my frequently asked questions when talking about my classes to other people.
Intro to the Fashion Industry, my most interesting class so far, covers the entire fashion process- from a designer's idea all the way to the consumer. We have a big group project to do in that class where we will study fashion forecasting by promoting a line of clothing to a particular demographic. Our group has chosen to do Women's Winter 2011, working particularly in mass-merchandising. We'll meet once a week for the next seven weeks to work out the details of our promotion.
My final class, Composición y Conversación, is entirely in Spanish. So far this has presented no problems. My professor is very engaging and class always moves right along and most of it is just conversation. Our usual assignments will involve present 3-5 minute monologues and engaging in dialogues between classmates and the professor.
Last but not least is some very exciting news! I have a new job working at a daycare. I am a substitute teacher which means I will be called in as needed. It will involve working with the same age range of children that I worked with this summer. This daycare also uses the same positive discipline techniques. I won't need to adjust too much because I already spent eight weeks this summer in a similar environment.
The picture is of a squirrel that was spying on some friends and I during a picnic this summer. He was quite close to us and climbing all over the tree branches above our heads.