Saturday, December 4, 2010

rrain wear

Here are the final sketches for my CAD project:

This inspiration for this line came from the idea of being “right as rain,” and expression that means just right; another similar expression is “fit as a fiddle.” This expression can be used when someone is feeling satisfied, comfortable, and that everything is as it should be. Performance clothing should be not only comfortable but also satisfying. The purpose of rrain wear line is just that, to provide comfortable clothing for outdoor and active lifestyles. The target customer, a woman between the ages 25-40, does not want to compromise her style even when she is being active. This active wear has unique stitching details, excellent fit, and an up to date color story to fulfill this desire. The stitching as a design detail is a finishing touch that makes the line “right as rrain.”

The word "rrain" is spelled with two "r's" to indicate my first initial and the inspiration "right as rain."