Tuesday, January 27, 2009


 I was sitting in class; watching the clock because class ends at 10:50 and I have to change and be at work by 11.  Right as our professor was telling his final point for the day about the new military technology used in the Peloponnesian War, someone bursts through the door say that they were told to go inside a classroom because we were in lockdown.  Our professor welcomed the newcomers and the others that followed and continued teaching.  He still had all of us there together so why not keep learning?  Meanwhile, our other professor (we have two) left the room.  It wasn't until several minutes later that I received an alert text that let us know that there was a bank robbery on campus.  The assailant was about 35, male, wearing faded blue jeans, and heading towards campus.  When we found out that the lockdown was real, we closed the blinds and kept learning!  Then another professor who had "sought shelter" in our classroom taught us about modern poetry.  A little while later we got an "all clear" text and I went to work.  It was a very interesting 25 minute lockdown, albeit unconventional and nothing like the lockdown drills that I'd been part of in the past.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are safe, and that it was "just" a bank robber.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and did they catch the perpetrator?

Superbek said...

I don't know, we never found out. But the Seattle Police did give the all clear, I'm not entirely sure what that means though.