Monday, December 1, 2008


Merry Christmas!  It's December now and the holiday season is in full swing- equipped with decorations, Christmas music, cheer, and...o wait, finals.  Well, those will be over soon enough too.  Now to get to the important things; the questions I finally found time to answer.

My classes this quarter have been pretty interesting.  I have Spanish, University Seminar (Usem), and Drawing.  Spanish has been mostly review so far and so I'm looking forward to next quarter.  My Usem is on "cross-cultural encounters: Latin America" and is my honors class.  It just involves a lot of reading and some paper writing.  I enjoy that class and the professor is very good. I'll be in classes with the same group of people from that class through the next few years.  I have learned so much in my drawing class.  It involves a lot of outside work- I just turned in my sketchbook for the quarter.  Next quarter I am planning on taking Spanish, Texts and Concepts, Public Speaking, and Career Exploration.

Hopefully these pictures of my room help give a feel for how it really is.  There is no good way to take a picture of our whole room but at least now you can see my desk, bed (bottom bunk), and our lovely couch!  

I had Thanksgiving with Nick and his family.  It was a lot of fun, there was just a lot of holiday traffic on the way there and back.  I rode with two other girls from my floor so the drive was actually not too bad because we made it fun.  

I'm looking forward to being home for Christmas in just eleven days!! 

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J. Koonce said...

Looks good Bek! This post reminds me of Phil and I always rearranging our dorm to maximize space. Looks like you are doing the same thing.