Friday, October 3, 2008

Rain, rain, don't go away!

I have wonderful news! It is finally raining! Up to this point it has been sunny which is nice, except it can sometimes get pretty warm walking uphill (more like hiking up to my dorm).  This morning it was just sprinkling and it was nice and refreshing to walk to work (which is across campus from where I live) in the rain.  Then I stood outside for awhile on the phone earlier this afternoon when it was lightly coming down...and now its coming down steadily and beautifully.  The weather is still warm enough that I wore a dress today, which is very fun because I love dresses. 

I am so stoked that it is Friday! I went to class this morning and worked for an hour and now I'm done until Monday at 8am.  I'm sure this weekend will be amazing, I am probably going to an art gallery for my art class and who knows what else.  

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