Monday, October 6, 2008


Seattle has some really amazing parks! Here are some pictures from Kerry Park, Gasworks Park, and Olympic Sculpture Park.  Gasworks (the middle two pictures) has a really good view in addition to the actual "gasworks" that you see in the picture and it has picnic area, lots of grass, and is just very cool.  There were knights there!  The sculpture in the last photo is by Alexander Calder who has made some other really fascinating sculptures and mobiles.  I studied about him in my high school art class so it was great to actually see his work in real life.  This piece was called "Eagle."

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J. Koonce said...

Alexander Calder has some important works in Chicago too, which you may or may not remember seeing when you were here. Probably most notable is the Flamingo in Federal Plaza, which you might not have seen:

But I'm pretty sure you saw some of his mobiles at the MCA: