Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fashion journalism: trends



A brightness that cannot be ignored is dancing down the streets of Paris for summer and fall 2011. Legs adorned in the colors alluding royalty and passion; in colors that make bold statements and others speaking softly in delicate blush tones. Nothing is off limits; nothing is too much to show off the legs by covering them up in pants.

Once put on, colored pants can take you anywhere be it a stroll in the park, a romantic picnic, the cinema, a quick bite to eat, dancing, loud concerts, or shopping for more colored pants. While available in countless hues, colored pants are most popular in red, blush, and green. More careful variations of the color pants are black, gray, and white versions. These colors are still set apart from the standard denim color but make much less of a statement.

Where did this trend begin and why has it taken root? It may have started with the olive pants, which were a part of the military looks of previous seasons. It may have begun because of a hopeful outlook for the economy in the upcoming months. Or perhaps the rainbow of options is yet another way to focus in on the legs because these tones certainly draw attention to themselves. The list could go on and on but where the colored pants trend began is really a chicken or the egg phenomenon. Will the bright colors lead to further standout fashion styles? Can intense trends help excavate an economy buried under political problems? Subdued colors are safe and easy as they can be worn again and again without being recognized but a bright pair of pants must be in a careful rotation to avoid wardrobe scrutiny. These pants symbolize frivolity and a carefree attitude. Even if they prove more than a fad, each season will bring new colors and another reason to shop again for a new pair. These are not the careful, wear anywhere denim jeans. These pants shout to be looked at and must be worn with a bit of gusto and confidence. As one person wearing red pants said, I feel optimistic when I’m in these pants. It’s like everything good is coming in my direction.” It is clear now that it does not matter where it exactly began but instead where this trend will go. Several designers featured colored pants in their Fall 2011runway, including 3.1 Phillip Lim and Prabal Gurung. Phillip Lim’s relaxed fit ankle pants were tailored enough for some, albeit risky, business casual looks and the pants played a contrast to muted tops. Prabal Gurung used red and hot pink as accent colors on the runway. There is no better way to accent an outfit than with the pink flare pants from this line.

Now these pants can be found in various lengths and styles it is possible to match up personal style to this sought-after trend. Blush chinos could make for a casual chic look while red cigarette ankle jeans could breath new life into street looks. Travelling down the spectrum from safe to quite daring, one way to wear this style is in a monochromatic look pairing shades of the same color together from head to toe. No matter how it is worn, bright colors and anything but regular denim will certainly be on par for the coming months.

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