Saturday, May 22, 2010

So Fresh, Sew Green

The fashion show last weekend was a huge success! The show's theme was sustainability and there were four design categories, recycled fabrics, recycled products, organic fabrics, and naturals. This meant we had used clothes remade into beautiful runway pieces, pieces out of trash, organic clothing, and in the grand finale, a dress made from corn husks, leaves, and flowers. I created two looks for it both of them in the recycled products category. The first was a dress out of plastic bags ironed together. The second, a top out of plastic bags and a petal skirt out of phonebook pages. I have a photo of the second look and I will get the other photographs from the photographer as soon as possible!

Also, I have recently been using the website BurdaStyle. It is such a great resource and community for people who like to create things. There are free patterns and project tips. Find the projects I've made under the username rebekah lynn.

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