Saturday, March 6, 2010

Superman's Children

Earlier this quarter I was hired for a sewing project through the Seattle Pacific job website. The task was to make 24 super hero capes for a four-year-old's birthday party. It was a learning experience but not so much learning any new sewing skills, rather learning about the time it takes to make that amount of items, even something that appears relatively simple. First I made a pattern from a sample I was given. Next, I cut out the pieces in both red and blue. After that I sewed them together, leaving six inches at the bottom open to inside them out. Before turning them inside out I clipped the corners to help the fabric lay smooth and then I after turning them, I topstitched close to the edge. The final step was sewing on the velcro. I put two different colors of thread on my machine so that it would blend in to each side (red and blue). Please note that the photos do not upload to the blog true to color, the fabric on the one side is actually bright red.



Finished Product (Reversible)

Lots of Capes

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J. Koonce said...

wow, a lot of work. and great photos, especially the last one.