Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please pass the spring!

Sunday morning I awoke early to discover it was snowing!  This wasn't really too epic because it's already snowed a few times and it usually doesn't stick at all.  But what was exciting was how much snow was coming down at once.  The snowflakes were huge! Or rather there were lots of snowflakes clumped together!  So my first thought was, "Wow, snow again!" and then I remembered, "O great, I'm taking the bus to church."  Everything worked out just fine though.  The buses were on time and I made it to church right when I was expecting to.  I did end up getting on the wrong bus once, then I was told to transfer to a bus that doesn't run downtown by the bus driver, but then I was told the right place to go.  When I got to the right stop I looked at the schedule and figured out which one I needed to take, and I still got where I needed to go.  Public transportation is sometimes confusing but it always gets me where I need to go- just not always where I want to go or how I want to get there.

The other picture is actually from the weekend before last.  I went downtown on Saturday and saw the  Seattle Central Library for the first time.  It was really cool, everything was very modern.  It has eleven floors and opened just five years ago in 2004.  If you like books or architecture, it is something you should check out next time you're passing through this great city.

And guess what else?  I'm done with Winter Quarter now!  Well not exactly--I have a paper I need to finish by Friday. But the finals are done! Two quarters down, one to go.


Keith and Margaret said...

Check out spring on my blog as well as Lorissa's and Renee's. Spring has sprung in California! But don't you enjoy the change in seasons and a chance to enjoy some actual weather changes?

Superbek said...

Those pictures of the flowers they put up are great! Things are starting to bloom in Seattle. It's really nice. It is definitely good to have some weather changes. And it doesn't actually get that cold there which is nice.